The reality of Trust

I am often concerned with the behavior of people that can influence others by simply doing or saying something that is construed as Truth, when it is not.

Opinions are often nothing more than false statements, based on a persons imagination and hopeful perspective. Facts are proven, and can be validated by others – but, opinions can only be validated by the person stating them.

Today, with the enormous impact that the internet and communications have in our lives, it is no wonder that people are being told Opinions and Falsities disguised as Truth. The perpetrators of these lies are asking the people to Trust them, and what they are saying.

I am amazed at the vast numbers of people that do just that, without question.

Lemmings simply following thoughtlessly.

It is so frustrating and sad, to see our democracy torn to pieces by a person (and his followers) with the misguided belief that whatever they say is True, when it is NOT. Most of what they say cannot be vetted by a reliable source. Even the courts don’t believe the accusations, and lawyers will NOT make the false accusations under oath – because they could be disbarred for lying under oath for doing so.

On a website, a twitter post, or even speaking to a news agancy – people are not held to the same standard for telling the truth. People say what they want and others are then forced to determine if it is true. Trust and truth should go hand in hand.

Today it does NOT, so each individual has to decide who to TRUST with the Truth.

Just because a person says it – doesn’t make it true.

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