News isn’t the only thing that has been Fake

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why so many people are doing things to protest the election results and blindly following along with the crazy unfounded rhetoric being spewed by the president and his cronies.

Their bad behavior illustrates their desire to dislike anything that isn’t what they believe or have told to believe. This in itself is concerning because one thing that they say is at their core beliefs is based on their religious beliefs. They are what I have determined to be Fake Christians.

What’s a Fake Christian?

Well…I think there are and always have been people that claim to be believers in Christ that ONLY believe the parts of the religions that they want to. Similar to sects of other religious groups that only belief in parts of their religion. There are Radical Muslim believers, Radical Hindu believers, radical Jewish, Radical Mormons, Radical, Seeks, Radical Protestants, Radical (fill in the Religion here) and there are Radical Christian believers.

Being radical, in and of itself, isn’t a terrible thing – but when that radical behavior disenfranchises and threatens other people, one MUST ask themselves – Is that behavior indicative of what their religion preaches?

I don’t need to state the obvious, that which is in our written word of God – the Bible. Anyone that truly believes, and is a real Christian knows what Jesus said about treating others.

Looking around at what is going on these days only leads me to believe that the people involved in so many of the events where people are being threatened and bullied, cannot possibly be real, honest, true believers in Christ. They simply cannot do and say and act like they are doing and fall back on their religious beliefs as the rationale for it. That is being hypocritical to the true and real values stated in the Christian religion.

Therefore, my conclusion is that those folks must simply be Fake Christians. Sad, pathetic people that have twisted things up in their minds, so much so, that they have lost sight of what the true and real values of the Christian faith are about.

The reality of the situation is that you CANNOT simply take bits and pieces of the entire belief and use only those to support what you are doing. That is wrong and should not be supported by anyone that says they are a true believer. Supporting these radical and unmitigated types of behavior, in the name of what they believe in, is NOT what we have been taught.

I hope folks stop and think about this. I pray they stop providing support.

I hope they call them what they really are – Fake Christians.

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