When will we ever learn

If nothing else is learned from this pandemic, let it at least be this…
Our government has failed us, both at the federal and state levels.
We haven’t learned the lesson for truly being prepared, for over 100 years.
We got complacent and ignored better judgement and past experiences.
We thought we could out “tech” it, or out “think” it – and our Biggest and Best Health Systems could handle anything.
We ignored calls for re-stocking our arsenal of protective equipment and personal protection gear.
We did this to ourselves by allowing the folks that were elected to ignore it.
And, I shouldn’t have to explain that this problem resulted from the inaction of BOTH political parties – BOTH failed us.
100 years of ignorant bliss.
Multi-millions of dollars spent on the WHO, CDC, and FDA over the decades.
The BEST Medical Systems in the World, focusing more on profitability and cutting costs for warehousing seldom used “Emergency Preparedness” equipment and gear – like they were using some kind of factory “just in time” logistical mentality.
Federal and State Departments of Health and Human Services, and Public Health Departments were ignored until a disaster flung them into the forefront to explain and provide guidance, and assurances – but, ignored over the past decades when requesting more in preparedness.
When will we ever learn?

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