The price for freedom

A war rages on, in a land far away. A neighboring country, once part of the same Republic, long since separate, has invaded Ukraine. Perhaps, I should clarify – the Russian military under Putin’s orders has invaded.

The Russian people are subject to the methods of control that the communists utilize to control them. To control what they see, what they hear, what they are allowed to say and do.

See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil

The Russian government utilizes this method of control to make sure “the masses” do not revolt against them. They forced the shut down of any media coverage that opposed the message that they will allow the people to hear and see. They “detain” anyone that protests. They fine anyone that shares “fake” news.

It is such a stark reminder of the differences between true democracy, the freedoms that we in America enjoy, and communism.

Thankfully, we have the freedom guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. The freedom of the press. The freedom to gather and protest. The freedom to speak the truth. These rights assure us that we have choices. We won’t be forced to believe whatever the government or any specific leader try’s to define as “Evil”.

We won’t be forced to be blinded, gagged, or deafened – unless we choose to be.

Today, Putin gets to define “Evil” and therefore what is allowed to be seen, heard, and spoken. The vast majority of Russian people do not know otherwise.

The people don’t know the truth. They aren’t allowed to know. They aren’t free to speak about the truth, free to read about the truth, free to hear the truth. That freedom doesn’t exist – and many of the people don’t even know it.

If you ever find yourself wondering what the price of freedom actually is, think back on this time and what is happening today in Russia.

Imagine that happening in this day and age of mass communication and media reach is utterly amazing. Technology has the far reaching ability to connect like it never could before. Yet, it too can be manipulated to produce the worst results imaginable. A whole nation of people being misled and lied to in order to control their behavior.

The only way this can be defeated is by continuously sharing the truth.

As someone once said “the truth will set you free”. The only hope the rest of the world has, is if the truth can be seen, heard, and spoken in Russia.

The world needs to find a way to do that. I hope the tech sauvy hacksters can figure out a way to get the “truth” to the Russian people. If that can occur, I pray the people will see through the lies they are being fed to them from their leaders.

I fear that is the only way that the true “Evil”, will be stopped.

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