It’s just another year like no other

As I sit here on the eve of the beginning of another year coping with Covid, I can’t help myself from thinking how disappointed I am.

At a time when I normally feel happy, from thinking back at all the wonderful things that occurred throughout the year, I am struggling this year.

I’m normally a glass half full kind of guy, but it is a real struggle to see much good from the past 12 months.

I’ve gotten a lot accomplished personally, but none of that brightens my outlook today. I wish it could, because I feel like so much is beginning to slip away, that I cherish so much.

Family, Sisters and Brothers, Nieces and Nephews, Friends and Relatives – whom you see taking different sides in both very unimportant and also extremely important issues. Politics, Religion, Health, Safety, Rights …

One side of me says, “Let it go, They have a right to believe in whatever they choose to”, but then the other side says “Why? What kind of person would let a loved one walk down a path that you know will harm them”… Is it really some kind of “tough love” to let a child burn their fingers, in order to learn that a flame of fire is hot and WILL hurt you?

Someone this year told me that since we held opposing viewpoints regarding Covid and vaccinations, “We should just agree, to disagree”.

The intention on their part was a ploy to avoid confrontation, and to end all conversation regarding the subject – Since, neither of us would be able to persuade the other that they were wrong.

I told the person, “No, I would not agree to disagree.” I believed at that moment, the person was simply hoping that I would agree that both opinions were correct, and no was either right or wrong.

Look, I know that everyone and everything cannot be balanced between black or white, right or wrong, right or left – and there is sometimes a “gray” area in-between that should at least be acknowledged. The “gray” area is not a place to settle at. It’s a temporary rest stop, until you learn the truth via education, training, and experience. Truth is a lesson taught by living life, seeing things, reading, learning, and trusting in what you have seen and heard. When you learn the truth, and believe in the truth, then you must get out of the “gray area” and plant your flag.

In my heart, I believe I have gathered enough truth, to trust science.

And, that is why I couldn’t Agree to Disagree.

The Covid virus lives on – we are now dealing with the Omicron version. It appears that the scientists and medical professionals believe this version to infect faster, and burn out quicker. Lets hope so, because maybe then – we will get it more under control. The pandemic that started in 2019, has now become an Endemic – never to really “go away”. Now, everyone will need to learn how to live with it. Thank goodness we now have better medicines and treatments to fight it with.

My patience has grown thin, and I know it. I went from “trying” to “not caring as much”, and that makes me sad.

I hope 2022 brings more laughter, love, kindness, and caring, with far less confrontation.

And, I am hopeful that the next year will bring some kind of normalcy back.

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