It’s time to move on

This is a Republic governed by Rules of Law. 3 separate branches of government created to separate power, with each given specific responsibilities associated with the creation, execution, and interpretation of those laws, as defined by the Constitution.

The Constitution includes rights given to individuals, and to both the state and federal levels of governments. The Constitution provides everyone equal opportunities and protections, with peaceful processes in place to interpret the disputes that may arise. Disputes are settled by the judiciary branch, not by force or threat.

The people selected to represent the electorate, each swear to uphold and support that Constitution. To fail to uphold the oath taken, is a shameful and hopeless act of terrible political behavior.  An oath is a sacred vow, and should not be simply ignored or set aside when one feels the need to object to something. Promises and oaths must not have the same meaning to those folks that simply ignore or break them.

Those that encourage bad behavior are as guilty as those that perpetuate it.

This election is over, and the disputes settled in the court of law.

It is time to move on.

There is as much work needed to heal us from each other, as there is to heal us from the current pandemic.

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