what makes it okay to do this?

I am truly struggling with something that I read about recently.

A person running for the highest office of the United States of America, suggested taxing a person at a rate which would reduce that persons wealth by half.

Isn’t one of the fundamental principles of living in this country, that if you work hard and take chances, and play by the rules – the sky is the limit. You get rewarded and get to enjoy your earnings.

Why would anyone think it is okay to take that away – just because they think it is excessive and isn’t fair to others?

I fear there are far too many people with the attitude that I classify as overt jealousy. Coveting what isn’t theirs and/or taking away what isn’t theirs to take.

It is one thing to expect free stuff, but an entirely different thing to take away something simply because – you don’t think the other person should have it.

What makes it okay to do this?

God help this country, if we ever get to the point that this happens.


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