Time for a change

We live in unbelievably repugnant times. Political leadership today sickens me to the core. Let me rephrase that, Politicians today – there is no leadership evident in most politicians behavior.

The divisiveness in politics is at an all-time high. Compromise is non-existent. Those people have no clue, and only say that they care when it’s time to convince you to vote for them.

The elected officials in leadership positions of BOTH parties, act like children. One of them, most likely, never had to play “nice” with other children – based on his stubborn temper tantrums. The others in leadership position are so afraid of being seen as “caving in”, that they don’t know how to compromise on anything.

Guess what? The world is NOT just black and white, right or wrong, conservative or liberal.

Each of them took an oath of office, stating that they would represent EVERYONE, not just those in their elected party, the same gender or race, or political party. Each of them should be held in contempt, for breaking that oath.

But, the big special interests don’t care about that – as long as they get what they want.

Our wonderful republic is being torn apart from within.

Yes, the United States of America is a Republic, not a Democracy.  It was built that way by our founding fathers, to assure a multi-dimensional governance – not just based on whatever the majority wanted.  Protection for the minority, from the majority, meant that the founding fathers understood how detrimental this government would be if the majority had free run of anything that they wanted to do.

Imagine the majority deciding to eliminated anything and everything associated with the minority. Imagine what would happen if the majority made all the laws, elected the judges and legislative representatives. Imagine, if only the majority could own land or businesses, could farm, hunt, fish, or sell to others. How long would you support that thinking, if you suddenly found yourself in the minority?

Majority rule is not all that it’s cut out to be. If left untethered, some in the minority would simply quit trying, leave, or fight back.  Civil unrest would be almost guaranteed – without hope for anything, except violence. Those in the majority would be eliminated, to the point that they would be the new minority.  Eventually, only a limited few would have all the power.

The founding fathers knew this, and used history to formulate their concept for our newly formed republic. I feel badly for those founding fathers, because I think that they would be so terribly disappointed with what we have made of their dream.

Unfortunately, the founding fathers left far too much open to interpretation. Much of what was relevant then, isn’t now. Times change and the world isn’t the same, as it was over 200 years ago.

It just might be time for a Constitutional Convention.  Changes are needed, and since all normalcy in legislating has gone completely awry – drastic measures are in order.

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