Broken promises

There isn’t much that is as disappointing as a broken promise.  It just plain sucks when that happens. Too bad people don’t take promises more seriously, or bother to think about the ramifications if they brake the promise.

It happens in our personal lives, and it happens, in business, and it even happens in friendship, and just about anywhere that 2 parties make agreements.

Seems lately, well I guess not really just lately – that people, corporations, and our government all want to bail out of promises that they made in the past to other people and communities. Many of those promises were made involved perceived long term commitments, which ultimately favored both parties – as long as the promises were kept.

Its very disheartening to read and hear about these incidents, where at one time an agreement is struck, only later to have one party or the other (and sometimes both) decide to break the promise.

Almost always innocent people get hurt, because the promises made are broken, and it really makes me upset. I don’t like it, or agree with that as a solution – most of the time.

People working for long periods of time promised pensions when they retire, only to see the promise broken, and the payout reduced or changed from what was promised is not right.

Companies that get major tax relief in the form of abatements, then later close the plant – should be billed for the lost taxes that they only got, because of a promise or agreement that was broken.

In this crazy world of litigation that we live in, those broken promises often result in lawsuits – where we expect a judge and/or jury to determine when the “law” is broken.

The law looks at promises as though they were “contracts” (verbal or written) -agreements all the same. Unfortunately, lawsuits isn’t always in the best interest of the people involved and rulings resulting from the lawsuits don’t often occur until years later. The legal manipulation by the litigants, can tie the court cases up for years and years, and cost lots and lots of money. Promises broken have a price and the parties involved have to decide what the promise is worth. Is the litigation and time and bad feelings and cost – worth pursuing? Sadly, often times it is not.

The sad thing is that the reason behind a broken promise isn’t really that hard to figure out. The reality is that the party braking the promise simply just doesn’t care. More often than not, they get away without remorse, or retribution.

To far too many people, its just words (written or spoken) – and they didn’t really mean them. They just used them to get what they wanted – at the time.  That seems so selfish and unethical to me.

If a promise must be broken, at least have the guts to admit that you are doing it – and that you are willing to help make it right – as best that you can.

I realize that this is often impossible, in some folks minds – but without even trying is worse – in my mind.

After all – a promise is a promise.


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