Wishful thinking

We live in frustrating times.  Everything seems to be such a struggle anymore. Turmoil everywhere. bad news upon more bad news. And, then there is the mess called politics.

I try so hard to not dislike anyone, but I find myself having difficulty doing that lately.  Seems like the world is becoming more imbalanced, with an abundance of imbalanced people.

Apparently, the rationing out of bad ideas, poor behavior, and dumbness – is an equal opportunity provision. Both political parties are chock full of these types. Both genders, all races and nationalities. Its almost frightening to think that these “people” are in charge of important things, and making decisions that impact everyone else.

Unfortunately, it seems like most of society either complains loudly about the people that they oppose or they sit on the couch and watch the show with a big bucket of popcorn – like the situation is a scene from a movie, or reality television show.  I think many just hope the show gets canceled, because they feel powerless in doing anything at all. Sometimes, I do both – but usually not at the same time.

My last blog started off mentioning that I read an opinion that politics today lacks humor. No one can laugh at themselves anymore. You have to be super cautious about saying anything, for fear you will upset some faction or group of people.

Yeah, I get that, but I think the thing that is really missing is respect, not humor.

When people stop respecting each other, they close off – they shut their ears, eyes, and heart.  Not having respect eliminates seeing the other side, listening to other ideas, and caring about anyone else that opposed you.  It is a sad and terrible thing – inside and outside of politics.

When people outside politics lose respect for each other or anyone else, the building blocks of society begin to crumble. Neighbors helping neighbors cease to exist, and neighborhoods die off.

When political leaders lose respect for each other, the building blocks of governance begin to crumble. Governance and society is how mankind has survived since forever. Yes, there have always been times when philosophical differences as to how the governance on societies should be administered and on which society or nation.

Yes, there are times when certain people do not deserve your respect – it is something that should be earned, and not simply given away for free. There should be a price for respect, and that price is respect reciprocated back.

Interestingly, even military history shows that lack of respect creates problems both with their own ranks, and also between themselves and their enemies. Without it the chain of command is broken and is meaningless. There is a reason most experienced leaders believe they must show their enemy respect.  Without it, there can be no peace. A treaty or ceasefire is not taken seriously.

I pray that people will change – that they will open their eyes and ears to see and hear not just what they want to, but everything all viewpoints. I pray that they open their hearts, to care about everyone – even people that are not just like themselves.

Yes, that may be considered naïve by many – but, at this time, it is what I am capable of doing, so – that is what I will do.

After all, I can’t fix stupid.




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