Getting around to it

Life can be very busy, at times.

The amount of “things to do” and items on the agenda can really add up quickly. Sometimes there seems to be a drastic imbalance between that, and the time needed to accomplish those goals.

I’m usualy not a procrastinator, most likely the result of my upbringing in which that trait just wasn’t tolerated, but lately – it seems I’m embracing the idea more and more.

Self Motivation is a funny thing.

Who would have thought that you have to work at it so much. It gets tiring and tedious telling yourself to get up and “do that thing that needs to get done”, unless of course, it has suddenly blown up into an emergency situation. That always take top priority and immediate attention.

Then, there are all those things that you really, really, really want to do, but you don’t do because if you did you would feel bad that the more important things were overlooked to do what you wanted to do, instead of what you needed to do. Sigh …

Gonna have to work on that.

When I find the time …

pen calendar to do checklist
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2 thoughts on “Getting around to it

  1. Its funny, I find it harder to not procrastinate, now that I’m retired and have “all the time in the world to do whatever I like” (according to hubby). But there’s this constant list running in my head, especially first thing in the morning when I wake up. Wonder if that happens to everyone.


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